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Fritz Hansen started the company October 24, 1872 in Copenhagen; initially the small company specialized in the manufacture of small furniture parts.

In 1915 the first Danish chair in steam bentwood was launched at Fritz Hansen's new factory in Allerød north of Copenhagen. It was an immediate success, and in the next decades many pieces of functional furniture in steam bentwood left the factory.

In the mid 20s Fritz Hansen started a serious and productive teamwork with leading furniture designers. This kind of teamwork has characterized Fritz Hansen ever since.

Since the beginning of the 1930s Fritz Hansen has adhered to the philosophy: to manufacture beautiful furniture in top quality in an industrial production process.

The cooperation with architect Arne Jacobsen began in 1934. However, it was the laminated wooden chair, the Ant from 1952, that became the biggest success in Danish furniture history.

The cooperation with Jacobsen generated a number of laminated chairs but also other world acclaimed furniture such as the Egg and the Swan from 1958.

Fritz Hansen has continued working with designers which has resulted in many epoch-making pieces of furniture in the 1960s and 70s, e.g. Piet Hein's super-elliptical tables from 1968.

In 1982 Fritz Hansen acquired the rights to a major part of Poul Kjærholm's world famous furniture collection.

During the 1980s, the 90s and in the new millenium Fritz Hansen has continually added new furniture to the collection, e.g.and more recently the Plano tables by Pelikan Design and the Ice series by Kasper Salto.

High quality Design and the beauty in the design has been the main impetus at Fritz Hansen for more than a centenary and will continue to be so in future. We highly respect our traditions and history, and we appreciate that change and a will to change is an important issue in today's business.

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